Marine Corps League - Oakhurst

Marine Corps League presenting scholarships to students
Marine Corps League presenting scholarships to students

Scholarship Program

The Marine Corps League Griswold Mountain Detachment 1121 of Oakhurst CA sponsors an on-going scholarship program for high school seniors. A Scholarship Committee oversees the program and judges the merits of each applicant. The program is open to Yosemite High School, Minarets High School and Mountain Home Charter School. Applicants must submit a timely application through their respective schools, have good grades throughout 4 years of high school and submit proof of a blood relative having served in and been honorably discharged by the United States Marine Corps. Applicants are also required to record a live interview with the relative veteran or with a survivor who knew the relative veteran well. This information, grades, proof of service and interview are presented to the Scholarship Committee along with three letters of recommendation. The committee reviews the information and makes a final decision as to the merits of the applicant and the amount allocated to scholarship winners. The Marine Corps League scholarships are allocated at each school's "Scholarship Night."

We coordinate with Lulu Finley and the Golden Chain Theatre to set up for Scholarship Night every year, a benefit for our scholarship fund. We work with the high schools to set the standards for our scholarship and they provide us with suitable applicants in the spring. We then review the applications and determine which applicants receive the awards and the amount of the awards. We then present the awards at Scholarship Nights at the high schools we are working with (currently three: Yosemite High School, Minarets High School, and Glacier High School).

We have been presenting scholarships to high school seniors since the beginning of the detachment and have given out thousands of dollars to deserving students.